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 What Do Others Think?

The stories are quality, they’re detailed. It’s a very satisfying paper, it’s a truthful paper, it’s one that you can put a lot of faith in... And I only wish that the rest of the country could read the paper. 

Frank, Police Sergeant

I read every article, to be honest with you. I find the paper to be informative and factual. Stories out of the ordinary. I love the international component, and the discussion of China and China’s role in the world. 

Frank, Business Owner

I love the paper. I tell people that it’s the only paper that I know of right now that actually gives you the honest, old fashioned journalism. It just gives you the facts and then you can make up your mind.

Drue, Business Owner

I feel that the way that you guys talk about political events, you’re presenting the facts, and letting the reader decide. I don’t detect a bias in it, you’re just telling what happened. I don’t find that with other outlet reporting. 

Terri, Business Owner

I love it. I read the whole paper, page to page. It takes me about two days, but I read everything. In the last 40 years I haven’t read a newspaper that seemingly was not biased, that’s completely straightforward and honest, and I think it’s great. 

Alan, Business Owner

I feel like it’s bringing morality back to newspapers. This is back to news. Back to factual, honest news.

Lissa, Business Owner

"I rely on The Epoch Times for factual and unbiased news coverage. Their in-depth reporting is unmatched by any other news source. I’ve arranged my fans and The Answer listeners to receive four weeks of home delivery and digital access for only $1."

- Larry Elder

Join in Restoring Virtue and Values to Society

We Face a Serious Threat as a Nation.

This country is in trouble.

51% of voting age young Americans surveyed prefer to live in either a socialist or communist society*.

If this trend continues, within the next decade, America can very well be a socialist country.

Six corporations control ninety percent of the news outlets in America. 

They’re not out to tell you the truth of what’s happening; they only tell you the picture of the world that they represent.

For decades, ideas stemming from communist ideology have been moving America away from the free society grounded in traditional values that our Founding Fathers created.

These ideas create social turmoil, hatred, division, frustration, violence, and barbarous behavior; and break down the morality at the foundations of society. 

These same ideas have also found their way into government, schools, and other key institutions in the United States.

The best defense

The Epoch Times Stands Firmly Against This Subversion

The Epoch Times has the wisdom to expose the evil nature of communism and its infiltration into our media, schools, or government, churches, and society.

The Epoch Times has the courage to expose fake news, to safeguard the values this country was founded on, and to report important stories not covered by other news outlets.

Built on the values of Truth and Tradition, and based on the virtue of compassion, The Epoch Times promotes long-established universal values that represent the best of humankind.

Let's do it together!

We'll continue to report honestly and expose corruption thoroughly so that you can learn the truth.

We are equipping Americans throughout the nation with the facts, context and perspectives that allow them to see through false narratives and media illusions.

So Here’s What To Do Next

Step 1: Go grab your trial month subscription to The Epoch Times for $1.

Step 2: Read the paper for yourself and see whether you agree that it's an honest and wholesome news source.

Step 3: Share the paper and this link with your friends and family so that they can have a reliable, honest and traditional news source (it's as important as clean drinking water).


The Epoch Times team

Here's What Just A Few Americans Think About The Epoch Times


By Dottie, from Maine on 11/1/2018

I want to thank you for making an excellent source of news for us. I especially appreciated those two inserts that came with the most recent Epoch Times.... the two inserts explaining the beginning and continuation of the effort to take down Donald Trump's presidency.


By Wayne on 10/23/2018

Excellent and factual reporting. About time that we can get the real news that is not slanted in any way. News just the way it is.


By Doris, from California on 10/24/2018

As a current subscriber to your paper, I have had the privilege of enjoying an outstanding expression of journalism. We have recommended it to many friends and family. It contains something for everyone and indeed, it is a lifting up of consciousness to a higher level.


By Ronald, from California on 9/26/2018

I'd like to sincerely thank you for publishing the Epoch Times. It is a breath of fresh air in an environment of fake, politicized news. I particularly appreciate your series "The Specter of Communism". 


By John, from Ontario on 9/4/2018

I want to commend the Epoch Times for taking a stand against immorality which is destroying

countries... You are a breath of fresh air and keep up the good fight.


By Joni, from California on 8/26/2018

It was almost too much for me to immediately embrace. I read it every Sunday and am once again learning about the world as it is, without the hyperbole.


By Dan, from California on 8/26/2018

No snide remarks, no denigrating adjectives or verbs, no gossip or unnamed sources. Just data about important matters. Like so many older Americans, I am appalled at the state of today's media and keep wondering why competitors aren't springing up to provide what the public really wants. So when I say the Epoch Times is doing that, I definitely wanted to support you.


By Cullen, from Virginia on 8/23/2018

I was very impressed with its contents and lack of journalistic bias which is so prevalent in today's reporting market. Please keep up the good work!


By Keith, from Texas on 8/14/2018

We enjoy the objective, research supported, non-leftist reporting of The Epoch Times. We also like to learn from ‘The Mind and Body’ section, which provides excellent diet and nutrient information. In a landscape of partisan anti-Trump reporting, The Epoch Times provides a refreshing, balanced journalistic perspective. Thank you for your courageous reporting.


By Jacqueline, from Illinois on 7/31/2018

It was such a pleasure to read since it wasn’t so much opinion but was just the facts. I usually read the Chicago Times & Tribune and it has become totally left leaning with lots of ranting and shouting. 

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