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Contribution Terms and Conditions


Monthly or annual contributions will be automatically charged in advance based on the recurring period, which can be monthly or annually.

For “end-of-the-month” cases, if a selected date is not present in a month, then the preceding date is selected. For example, if the contributor has signed up for a donation that takes place on the 31st of every month, in February the recurring contribution will occur on Feb. 28, in April it will occur on April 30, and so on.


Contributions to The Epoch Times are received under New Tang Dynasty Charities, which supports The Epoch Times’ independent journalism. All donations are to be used solely for The Epoch Times editorial operations.

Contributions to The Epoch Times are charitable donations and are tax deductible. For information on registered charities in Canada, please visit:

The Epoch Times reserves the right to refuse any donation.


Recurring contributions can be cancelled at any time before the next billing date. If the cancellation request is not received prior to the beginning of the next billing cycle, the contributor will be charged for the next billing cycle, and the cancellation will be effective at the end of that billing cycle.

You can change your contribution at any time by contacting us at or 1-866-907-7881.


No refunds will be issued on any donation. In the event of a cancellation of a recurring donation, no future payments will be charged.


The Epoch Times processes your personal information in compliance with the relevant data protection regulations and laws. Our privacy policy is available at

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